QBX provide professional engineers and support staff of all disciplines on short and long term contracts or on assignment based projects, depending on the client’s requirements.

The senior personnel at QBX have a full history of experience, hold professional qualifications and are members of various engineering institutions.

Potential candidates are screened to ensure that they fulfil the criteria required by QBX before they are recommended to clients for assignments. QBX personnel are hired on a contract basis and with a notice period of one month either way.

Professional staff includes engineers proficient in engineering design of mechanical plant and equipment (large machines for ship loading, stockpiles, rail tipplers etc.), civil and steel structures using FEA (finite elemental analysis) and other modelling techniques.

Industries in which QBX has operated includes mining related mineral processing, cement and clinker production, timber pulp & paper, iron & steel and Ferro-alloys.

Resources we have available for deployment

  • Chief safety officer / Risk manager (Can carry the MHSA or OSHACT legal appointment)
  • Senior safety officers (3 candidates)
  • Safety Officers (2 candidates)
  • Junior Safety Officer
  • ILS (Intermediate Life Support) paramedic / Junior Safety officer
  • Senior project planner
  • Construction manager (2 candidates)
  • Construction supervisors (2 candidates)
  • Civil resident engineer
  • Civil clerk of works (bulk earthworks, concrete & buildings)
  • Civil clerk of works (buildings)
  • Electrical resident engineer
  • Electrical design engineer
  • Mechanical resident engineer
  • Junior mechanical engineer
  • Mechanical construction supervisor (3 candidates)
  • QA/QC manager
  • Logistics coordinator
  • Document controller (2 candidates)
  • Project translator (English / Chinese Mandarin) (3 candidates)
  • Project administrator (2 candidates)
  • Project cost engineer /accountant
  • Project manager
  • Senior project manager (Can carry the MHSA or OSHACT legal appointment)

Business competitiveness
QBX differs from other consulting based companies as they do not own or operate from offices which attracts rental and other overheads such as accounting, financial and other non-core groups.

Our employees are primarily site based or otherwise accommodated at the specific clients’ premises, depending on the nature of the assignment. The impact of this structure is that the client does not carry the burden of the consultant’s overheads. The fees charged are very competitive and more importantly the majority of the fees charged are paid to the individual employees.
QBX employees are able to accept short or long term assignments in any country.

Our company’s objective is to provide the client with honest and reliable project professionals who are self-managed and who can provide a first class service to our clients.